Step 3: Make Sure We’re Right For You

Nobody likes surprises. Here are a few things we wanted you to know before you pay.
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We Don't Provide Domain Names / URLs

If you don’t yet have a domain name or URL for your website, no worries! We’ll give you detailed instructions for how to register for one after you purchase your website plan. A standard .com domain name typically costs around $10/year.

Our Plans Do Not Include Email

We’re experts in making websites that look amazing and work great – we leave email to the people who are experts in email. If you don’t yet have email for your business and you’re interested in getting it set up, we’ll provide detailed instructions for a vendor we trust after you purchase your website plan.

We Don't Build E-Commerce Websites

We don’t build e-commerce websites at this time. If you’re interested in using your website to sell things online, we highly recommend building your site with Shopify, a service specifically designed for e-commerce websites.

Your Website Customization Has Limitations

Your website will be similar to the website look you choose, customized with your logo, images, text, and colors. To keep our prices affordable, we do not create custom functionality or make substantial design changes. However, we will make sure your website looks great and we put our money where our mouth is with the DigiDoggo money-back guarantee.